Keeping Your Garage and Outbuildings Secure

Keeping Your Garage and Outbuildings Secure

Home security is a priority for most people, many of us have alarm systems, multiple locks on doors and maybe even a feisty pet dog to deter intruders. But how much thought have you put into securing your garden shed or garage?

A shed, garage or outbuilding can be a treasure trove. According to a leading UK insurer, the average value of the contents of the average UK householders garage, shed and garden is a massive £1200! No wonder these are prime targets for thieves! Tools, garden equipment and other items can be spirited away quickly and easily, and what is more you may not even notice until the next time you come to use something.

It is becoming more and more common for people to use outbuildings such as sheds as an extension of the home, as an office, gym or even a home bar, making security even more of a priority as opportunist’s eye up your valuables.

Don’t let these vulnerable areas of your property become a target; here are some tips to ensuring they are as secure as they can be:

1. Inspect the building itself, is the structure sound and secure or flimsy? It is worth checking your sheds structure frequently and making repairs as necessary. Some thieves have been known to lift up the roof of an ill-maintained shed to access the tools inside, or even kick through degraded wooden panels.

2. Use a good quality lock, preferably a mortice lock where practical. Where this is not possible, outbuildings can be secured with a basic pad lock bolt or hasp and staple fixing along with a strong, sturdy padlock.

3. It’s all about the screws! Thieves have been known to unscrew hinges to remove doors or even locking mechanisms, however this is easily prevented by instead bolting the hinges and lock fixings in place with coach screws.  

4. Windows are often overlooked when securing a shed. If your windows can open they must be fitted with locks as a minimum security measure. A useful way to deter and prevent a break-in via the windows is to place a metal grille over the glass. Another measure that can be taken is to hang a net curtain or use reflective film so that nobody can see what is stored inside.

5. You can go a step further with your shed security and use anchors to secure valuable items such as bikes to the floor. Thieves will not go the extra mile to try and remove items that are stored so securely. Smaller items can be secured by storing them in specially made steel boxes, commonly available from DIY retailers, and which are then also bolted to the floor.

There we have it! This basic guide should help you figure out which security measures are best for your outbuildings. Here at A & J Fasteners we stock and supply a wide range of hinges, bolts, pad bolt bolts and much much more. Browse our online catalogue today!

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