Allen Headed Socket Bolts

Socket Headed screws in Steel, Zinc & Stainless steel finishes for all your DIY needs. Named for their driving method (with an allen key) they are highly durable screws suitable for a wide range of uses. Available to order online today with free standard UK delivery.

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  • Socket Cap Screws

    Socket cap screws with an allen head providing excellent fixing for your project. Available in a range of sizes, all with free standard UK delivery.

  • Socket Button Screws

    Offering a smooth dome headed finish, our socket button screws provide a smart finish to any project. Order your socket button screws online today and get free standard UK delivery. 

  • Countersunk Socket Screws

    Designed to sit flush in their application, countersunk socket screws are ideal for projects where the fastenings do not want to be protruding from the surface. Browse our range today and order online to recieve free standard UK delivery.

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